Wednesday 30
April 2008

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Le laboureur - boulevard Jamar 1A - Saint Gilles
Le laboureur - boulevard Jamar 1A - Saint Gilles
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Micronomics festival & Nomadic Video Library

MICRONOMICS searches for creative initiatives which, through the content of their work or their way of organising, become experiments in social innovation and create new opportunities to make a living in the current economic context.

MICRONOMICS affects at the moment on May 1st.
Supporting our themes "City, Work and Experiment" , we present exemplary projects of Berlin, The Hague, Paris, or still Barcelona.
We shall also confront researchers to the political decision-makers on the relevance of this type of projects and their contribution to reduce the economic disparity.
The whole will cheerfully be peppered by artistic installations and by spectacles in the public space, by workshops, by a resource center

Within the framework of the resource center and more particularly of its video library 68 Septante proposed to the team of the festival a selection of video works stemming from its catalog the Nomadic Video library joining themes.

With :
-  Le tracteur d’orgueil by Patrice Goasduff and Nicolas Hervoches
52’15’’ - 2003 - ov fr - France
-  La résistance du 2 septembre by Isaac Isitan
23’ - 1997 - ov st fr - Turkey
-  La bande anonyme by Sara Millot
14’ - 2007 - ov fr - France
-  Nécessaire(s) Territoire(s) by Benoit Perraud
21’ - 2006 - ov fr - France
-  Laissez moi rêver by Frédérique Pol
52’ - 2000 - ov fr - France
-  Euroland by Patrick Taliercio
28’ - 2005 - ov st en - Belgium
-  Les fantômes by Marie Voignier
13’ - 2004 - ov fr - France
-  Sous la pluie du nord by Natalia Zuluaga Ospina
26’ - 2004 - ov st fr - Colombia

les films diffusés :

avec le soutien de La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la Commission communautaire française et le Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel

design : Pierre Lecrenier - développement : tacticasbl