Samedi 13


  • projection
Palais des Beaux-Arts, place de la République - Lille
7pm - free entrance

Nomadic Video Library at Transnumériques#3 - Lille

This second "carte blanche" for our Nomadic Video Library, within the framework of Transnumériques #3, after Paris screenings, proposes a focus around two authors, Antonin De Bemels and Christophe Bailleau, whose video works was recently edited in DVD in the Électrons libres collection and a selection of video works by Rafaël.

First part of our "carte blanche" is dedicated to Christophe Bailleau’s video work whose we just published : Prescription
We will show you 4 videos by Christophe.
- Sérotones
- La perte
- Cosmétique
- Le va-et-vient

The second part of the programm : four films by Antonin De Bemels whose one video, Light body corpuscles, is include in the DVD edition Videochoregraphies & documents inédits 1999-2006.
- Idiot’s brew
- Landslips
- Light body corpuscles
- Mouthface

To finish this "carte blanche", we propose you to discover four films by Rafaël, whose we program, an audiovisual set, in Mons last novembre.
In the programm, Morning Storm, is first film and the two last one whose Caballo never screened yet !
- Morning storm
- 1 + 1 = 3
- Caballo
- Letsmakeadeal

les films diffusés :